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Commission Members

The Commission is a self-governing agency consisting of nine (9) members, pursuant to Idaho Code 19-849. No individual currently employed as a prosecuting attorney or current employee of a law enforcement agency may be a member of the Commission. Members are appointed and serve overlapping, staggered terms of 2 or 3 years.

Chair Darrell Bolz
Juvenile Justice Commission

Vice-Chair Eric Fredericksen, Esq.
Idaho State Appellate Public Defender

Comm. Shellee Daniels
Idaho Association of Counties

Comm. Dan Dinning
Idaho Association of Counties

Jonathan Loschi, Esq.
Defending Attorney

Paige Nolta, Esq.
Defending Attorney

Rep. Christy Perry
Idaho House of Representatives

Linda Copple Trout
Idaho Court System

Sen. Chuck Winder
Idaho Senate