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Grant Forms

FY2020 Indigent Defense Grant Application Form - use this form to apply for the County Fiscal Year 2020 Indigent Defense Grant. Your regional coordinator has a county specific form available by request.

FY2020 Indigent Defense Grant, Additional Information Certification - This form is for when a county is supplying additional information after their initial grant application. A county may supply a written addendum with this signed form attached.

FY2020 Sample Indigent Defense Grant Application - A completed sample application for reference.

Local Share and Grant Calculation Form - use this form to calculate your county's local share and eligible grant award

Attorney and Roster Forms

Application for Inclusion on Public Defense Roster - use this form to apply for inclusion on the Public Defense Roster.

Application for Inclusion on the Capital Defense Roster - use this form to apply for inclusion on the list of defending attorneys who are qualified to handle capital defense cases.

FY2019 Annual Report for Contract Defenders: Annual Reporting Form for Contract defending attorneys, including conflict attorneys

FY2019 Annual Report for Institutional Offices; Annual Reporting Form for Indigent Defense Providers (Chief Public Defenders)

FY2019 Annual Report for First Appearance;  Annual Reporting Form for First Appearance Contract defending attorneys

FY2020 Annual Report for Defending Attorneys: Annual Reporting Form for all contract and institutional attorneys.

FY2020 Annual Report for Defending Attorneys Instructions: Annual Reporting Instructionsfor all contract and institutional attorneys.

Scholarship Forms

Application for Scholarship Funding - use this form to apply for non-PDC sponsored training programs

Application for Scholarship PDC Program - use this form if you are non-attorney staff and would like to attend a PDC sponsored training program

Public Records Request Form

PDC Public Records Request Form - All requests for public records from the PDC must be submitted on this form per PDC Policy.

Extraordinary Litigation Fund - The ELF

The Public Defense Commission (PDC) is excited to announce the implementation of policies and procedures for defending attorneys to make application for monies for extraordinary litigation costs pursuant to Idaho Code §19-850(2)(e). The policy and application are now available for review and submission to the PDC.

Monies in the Extraordinary Litigation Fund (ELF) are available to the counties via their chosen Indigent Defense Provider who determines that a case requires extraordinary expenses that are likely to cause a financial hardship for the county within which they practice. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, but are subject to the availability of funds. An ELF application should be submitted as soon as a defending attorney anticipates that costs will qualify as extraordinary under the policy.

The policy regarding ELF monies is that they are to be used for prospective costs only.

Before submitting an application, a defending attorney shall review the policy and procedures for the ELF.

ELF Policy - Revised 11/14/18

ELF Application for Defending Attorneys - This form is to be used by public defenders seeking funds for extraordinary litigation costs that have not yet been incurred and the services have not yet been provided.

ELF Application for BOCC - This form is to be used by counties seeking reimbursement for extraordinary litigation costs associated with indigent defense cases

ELF Additional funds request - This form is to be used when requesting additional funds on a case and expense that has already been deemed extraordinary.

Attestation: Idaho Qualified Defending Attorney - this form is to be used by attorneys who are not on the PD Roster. This attestation must be filed with ELF applications when the attorney providing services is not on the PD Roster, but otherwise meets Indigent Defense Standards as promulgated by the PDC.

ELF Invoice Submission - This form is for service providers to submit their invoices to the PDC for payment of approved extraordinary litigation costs.

Reports and other Documents

2018 Brief Sheet

2017 Workload Study Report

2017 Annual Report

2016 Annual Report

FY2017 PDC Briefing Sheet to the Governor

2017 PDC Brief Sheet

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