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Indigent Defense Financial Assistance & County Local Share

There are three (3) types of Indigent Defense Financial Assistance: These are funded by the State of Idaho and disbursed through the PDC pursuant to Idaho Code § 19-862A and IDAPA 61.01.04:

Indigent Defense Financial Assistance Compliance Proposal (Previously the Indigent Defense Grant)

  • Applications for IDFA are due on May 15th each year. This application must include a plan that specifically addresses how the county will meet indigent defense standards, and if the county has any previously identified deficiencies, a plan specifically addressing how the county will cure such deficiencies.  The FY2021 Financial Assistance Compliance Proposal with instructions is currently available. Please email completed forms to

Joint County Incentive Financial Assistance

  • As a part of the Indigent Defense Financial Assistance, counties are eligible for an additional $25,000 if they join with another county to open a joint county-run office. This additional $25,000 is per county, meaning that if two or more counties join together, each county will receive $25,000. The Joint County Incentive is created by Idaho Code 19-862(A).

Extraordinary Litigation Fund (ELF) Grants

  • These grants are to help offset the costs of extraordinary litigation. The ELF can be used to cover costs including, but not limited to, expert witnesses, evidence testing and investigation, but does not cover expenses associated with capital crimes. To learn more about the ELF, please visit the main ELF page.

County Local Share

When the county budget process begins each year, counties should keep in mind that each county is required to maintain no less than its local share for funding indigent defense services. See Idaho Code 19-862. Idaho Code 19-851(8) describes how to calculate the county’s local share. See Idaho Code 19-851.

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