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Proposed and Pending Rules

Proposed Rules

A Proposed Rule is a formal, written proposal by an agency to adopt a new rule in accordance with the Idaho Administrative Procedure Act. In order for any rule to become a final (permanent) and enforceable rule, it must, at some point, but a proposed rule. A proposed rule cannot be enforced.

When a rule is proposed, the PDC will hold public hearings for comment, as well as accept comments in writing.

The PDC is currently in the process of proposing two new rules during the FY2020 year. Updates will be provided as those rules are developed.

Pending Rules

A Pending Rule is a rule that has been adopted by an agency under regular rulemaking procedures and remains subject to legislative review. This is essentially the agency’s “final rule” and the version of the rule is submitted to the legislature for approval.

The PDC has no pending rules at this time.

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