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Public Defense Roster Information

The PDC maintains a roster of indigent defense providers and defending attorneys.

For Attorneys

Enrollment on the roster includes several benefits.

  • Free attendance at CLEs and trainings hosted by the PDC or partner organizations.
  • Access to the PDC Scholarship Fund.
  • Eligibility to apply to the Extraordinary Litigation Fund (ELF).
  • A free membership to the National Association for Public Defense (NAPD), which opens the door to a variety of different perks from the NAPD.

If you’re not on the Public Defense Roster, you can apply here.

If you’re on the Roster, but aren’t receiving the benefits of the PDC-supplied NAPD membership, please reach out to your Regional Coordinator who can assist you in creating an NAPD membership.

For County Commissioners and Other Stakeholders

The roster allows the PDC and your local Regional Coordinator to help ensure your defending attorneys are getting the training they need. Additionally, County Commissioners and Clerks are welcome to reach out to their Regional Coordinators to make sure any attorney they are contracting with for indigent defense is on the roster. If they aren’t, the PDC encourages them to apply so that your county can take advantage of indigent defense financial assistance.

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