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The Montroy Series

The Idaho Public Defense Commission’s monthly CLE webinars- The Montroy Series- feature local and national experts discussing current issues in public defense. Webinars cover analysis of local and national cases, and examination of legal concepts and public defense topics. Our goal is to provide practical information and skills that will benefit your practice. The sessions are recorded and available to roster members for later viewing. We welcome all ideas and suggestions for future webinars.

STATE v. MONTROY, 1923. 37 Idaho 684. “It is the public policy of this state, disclosed by constitutional guarantees as well as by numerous provisions of the statutes, to accord to every person accused of a crime, not only a fair and impartial trial, but every reasonable opportunity to prepare his defense and to vindicate his innocence upon a trial. In a case of indigent persons accused of crime, the court must assign counsel to the defense at public expense.”

Scheduled Webinars:

Wednesday, May 22, 12:00-1:00 pm MT/11:00-12:00 pm PT
Stacey Lannert, Missouri State Public Defender
1 PDC CLE Credit, ISB credit pending

 Join Stacey Lannert as she shares her personal story and discusses necessary systemic reforms for the criminal defense system.

 Stacey Lannert is an assistant public defender for the state of Missouri whose personal commitment to defense work derives from her own experience as a criminal defendant.  At the age of eighteen, Stacey was sentenced to life without parole for fatally shooting the man who sexually abused her for over a decade.  That man was her father.  After serving eighteen years in prison, the Governor of Missouri granted her clemency in 2009, and within six days, she walked out prison gates and towards a law degree.

 Stacey graduated from Southeast Missouri State University, magna cum laude, in 2014, and from the University of Missouri School of Law in 2017.  Stacey became a criminal defense attorney with the St. Louis City Public Defender’s office in November, 2017.  Shortly after becoming a public defender, Stacey received a pardon in July, 2018.

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Psychological Trauma: Impact on Client Development and Behavior
May 30, 2024
12:30-1:30 MT/11:30-1:30 PT
Dr. David Lisak
1 PDC CLE credit, ISB CLE credit pending

This presentation will provide participants with an understanding of the basics of traumatic experiences: how trauma is experienced, especially during childhood; how it affects development; how it affects adolescent and adult behavior; and how trauma affects neurodevelopment. We will discuss how trauma may affect a client’s relationship with his or her attorneys, how to investigate a client’s history of traumatic experiences, and how to provide respond to a client’s needs for help and treatment.

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What every Idaho defense lawyer needs to know about DNA
June 11, 202412:30-1:30 MT/11:30-1:30 PT
Greg Hampikian, Ph.D., BSU Professor of Biology, and Criminal Justice, Director of the Boise State Univ. Wastewater Epidemiology Lab (BSUWEL), Director of the Forensic Justice Project, Co-Director of the Idaho Innocence Project at BSU,
 Lecturer, University of Idaho College of Law
1 PDC CLE credit, ISB CLE credit pending

Forensic science grew out of police laboratories. Terms like “Sperm Fraction”, “Match”, “Absence of Evidence”, “Can Not Exclude” and “Defense Hypothesis” are misused and can lead to wrongful convictions. The presentation will show examples of wrongful convictions and discuss solutions implemented by some forensic laboratories. The presentation will share examples of misleading testimony, undocumented forensic laboratory findings, incorrect mixture analysis, and great variance in statistical measures from the same underlying data. 

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