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What every Idaho defense lawyer needs to know about DNA

Greg Hampikian, Ph.D., BSU Professor of Biology, and Criminal Justice, Director of the Boise State Univ. Wastewater Epidemiology Lab (BSUWEL), Director of the Forensic Justice Project, Co-Director of the Idaho Innocence Project at BSU, Lecturer, University of Idaho College of Law

Forensic science grew out of police laboratories. Terms like “Sperm Fraction”, “Match”, “Absence of Evidence”, “Can Not Exclude” and “Defense Hypothesis” are misused and can lead to wrongful convictions. The presentation will show examples of wrongful convictions and discuss solutions implemented by some forensic laboratories. The presentation will share examples of misleading testimony, undocumented forensic laboratory findings, incorrect mixture analysis, and great variance in statistical measures from the same underlying data.

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Jun 11 2024


12:30 pm - 1:30 pm
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